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COMPACTION-TECHNOLOGY IN TOP FORM: We knock powder into shape.

The production of granular bulk goods from powder products requires a separate process stage: compacting or dry granulation.

During this process, the systems are faced with detriments such as high dust contents, low bulk weights and bad adhesion properties. All these conditions are a major challenge that we are prepared to face: we deliver customized lines for size reduction, mixing, briquetting, compacting, crushing, sieving and drying to knock powder into shape. Customers benefit from our specialists’ extensive process engineering experience and skills.

 Kompaktor MS 60. Compaction of talc

From metallurgy to high-end pharmaceutical applications

With its wide machinery range, Hosokawa Alpine offers perfect solutions for specific customer requirements – for every industry. One example: Our machines for briquettes or granulates for the chemical industry have a gas-tight design and also comply with ATEX, if required – an indispensible requirement for today’s markets. We develop and supply efficient contained dry granulating lines for the production of dust-free material particles with good flow properties for the pharmaceutical industry. The required gentle comminution of compacted material is mastered by Alpine’s AFC Flake Crusher or Alpine’s  ABM Bexmill®.

Low-pressure extrusion or granulates – that is the question

We offer you solutions such as low-pressure extrusion or pelletisers to accommodate any required dispersion level.

We are specialists for:

  • Metallurgy (e. g. Quicklime, Magnesium oxide, Metal powder, Mineral ores, Coke / coal)
  • Chemistry (e. g. Cleaning agents, Chemical salts, Fertilizers, Pigments, Toner, Catalysts, POM, Alumium oxide, Titan oxide)
  • Food (e. g. Dry soups, Flavour enhancers, Spices, Coffee, Chocolate, Sugar, Milk powder, Lactose)
  • Minerals (e. g. Talc, Limestone, Zircon sand, Gypsum, Feld spar, Quartz)
  • Pharma (e. g. Antibiotics, Painkillers, Vitamins, Enzymes)

 Kompaktor MS 300. Used for the compaction of magnesia

Case Study: special salt for winter service

Winter services use large amounts of standard road salt, which generally consists of sodium chloride (NaCl). Despite the fact that this chemical compound reliably reduces the water crystallization point (cp. eutectic point: -21.3 °C), it has some disadvantages: NaCl is very expensive and its corrosive properties are detrimental to metal parts and road constructions, humans, animals and plants.

Therefore, Hosokawa Alpine Compaction has developed a new technique that produces road salt with a modified formulation. Prior to this development, we carried out a series of tests at our technical centre in Leingarten, which involved compacting and granulating different salt types in various concentrations. The results showed that dried sodium chloride (NaCl) with a residual moisture of < 0.01 % delivers solid granulates.

Hosokawa Alpine replaced NaCl with a residual moisture from centrifugation with dry sodium chloride, which allowed us to substitute 30 % of the material with other alkaline earth chlorides. This produces granulates with particle sizes of between 1 and 5 millimetres and a very high density. The abrasion resistance, determined by means potassium chloride-based analysis methods, met all requirements.

The solution: An environmentally friendly and particularly cost-efficient road salt formulation: partial substitution of sodium chloride with potassium salt reduces the damaging effect of road salt. This process is carried out with the help of Alpine’s ARC MS 300 Compactor®. This system has a capacity of 10 t/h and produces granulates in sizes from 2 – 5 mm.


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