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Food and Feed Industry

PROCESS SOLUTIONS FOR THE FOOD AND FEED INDUSTRY: We supply the food and feed industry with efficient technology.

The exacting safety and hygiene requirements of the food industry call upon our entire range of size reduction technology. For decades, our machines and lines have been established as an essential part of many different production and conditioning processes for food products – and we comply with all standards.

From coarse to fine

The market demands  – we deliver: crushers and hammer mills for coarse pre-crushing of press cakes in the centimetre range, impact mills with different fineness levels for fine grinding of spices and last, but not least, Hosokawa Alpine classifier mills for ultrafine grinding such as the ACM range for cocoa press cake, the ZPS for carrageenan or the AFG fluidised bed opposed jet mills for coffee. Even special applications in the submicron range are no problem for our ball mills for wet grinding.

Naturally the be(a)st

The feed industry operates with higher output rates than the food industry. Our products deliver the required process stability as is proven by our systems for applications such as soya grinding on a ZPS classifier mill. Soya is used as a milk substitute for feeding calves.

From single machines to special solutions

The complexity of food and feed applications varies significantly. Hence, our customers require different systems, from single components right through to turnkey systems, as well as a tailored performance and service package. If required, we will work hand in hand with our customers to develop a tailor-made special concept to suit all specifications. This also applies to unusual challenges in already established processes. A typical example for this is the integration of a new line into an existing system in a restricted space, taken into account the following prerequisites:

  • Strict hygiene and easy cleaning
  • Safety (explosion protection, industrial safety)
  • Appropriate service life and cleaning cycles

Be it single machines, standard concepts or special solutions: thanks to our extensive experience and many tests in our in-house test centre, we can prepare your food and feed products for the market.

We are specialist for:


  • Cereal
  • Protein / Legumes
  • Dietary fibres
  • Dairy products
  • Cocoa
  • Sugar and sugar substitutes
  • Starch and starch derivatives
  • Spices, tea, dried fruit
  • Dried vegetables
  • Thickening agents
  • Emulsifiers
  • Vitamins


  • Milk substitutes
  • Animal feed additives

Case Study:

A low fines content is an essential prerequisite for spice processing. The Rotoplex Ro cutting mill is the ideal pre-crushing device for this requirement. Thanks to its cross-scissor cut, it allows a more significant reduction of fines than comparable mills. It also keeps dust formation to a minimum for further processing or for the end consumer.

Another important aspect is the product’s aroma. Volatile essential oils and fat in the unprocessed virgin material create the specific aroma of spices. Heat generation during grinding will dissipate these oils. In addition to fact that the heat that is generated during the size reduction process leads to a loss of aroma, oils and fat causes problems such as caking, which reduces the line’s availability.

The solution: Tried-and-tested all over the world and the perfect solution to the challenge of spice grinding: Hosokawa Alpine’s systems for cryogenic grinding. The spices are cooled with liquid nitrogen, which freezes the oily-fatty constituents, and the original aroma of the freshly harvested spice is fully preserved.


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