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Pharmaceutical Industry


Generic or patented medicines are available in many dosage forms, e.g. as tablets or powders. However, the increasingly exacting product quality, safety and cost-efficiency requirements are common to them all. In order to meet these requirements, the pharmaceutical industry requires products with increasingly higher fineness levels.

Our company is a global leader in the comminution of pharmaceutical products. We develop versatile and efficient process solutions for reducing the size of pharmaceutical products. Thanks to many years of experience, our engineers excel in the development of both standard and specialised solutions. This benefits our product range and our customers’ processes with higher output rates and fitness for the future.

Safety and reliability across the entire process chain

In addition to guaranteeing reliable processes, Hosokawa Alpine provides all systems with maximum safety standards. Lines can be operated safely in every environment and at all times. Depending on the risk potential of the product, they are equipped with integrated WIP / CIP solutions even for high containment technologies. Our solutions are a class of their own: we deliver the complete system, from isolator right through to the process equipment and automation from one source. With our complete solutions, incompatibilities and interface problems are a thing of the past. All pharmaceutical lines comply with the strictest of international standards:

  • Monoblock components guarantee a minimum of weld lines and seals and a design that is free of deadlegs
  • A wide variety of surface roughness levels to suit any requirement
  • Encapsulated bearings with lifetime lubrication
  • Seals and filters with FDA-compliant materials
  • Special Pharmaplex® bearing concept provides clear separation of drive and process
  • Patented Pharmaplex® bearing concept ensures fully CIP/SIP-capable machines
  • Qualification documents and automation systems according to GAMP5

Case Study: all-rounder for highly active substances

Process solutions for highly active substances are often costly and require further investment into suitable operating facilities such as cleanrooms. At the same time, there is a rising demand for versatile solutions thatallow the production of different products and fineness levels without compromising the safety of the operators.

The solution: In response to these requirements, we have developed a unique concept: the multi-mill isolator. This system is highly versatile, yet compact and has potential for future applications because it combines several milling modules in one single system. The financial benefit: one isolator accommodates all processes – the customer saves a large proportion of the investment costs.


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