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Material Recycling and In-House Recycling

RECYCLING MEANS ADDED VALUE: We help you extract and reclaim valuable raw material.

As raw materials are becoming increasingly rare and expensive, recycling is becoming more and more essential. Accordingly, there is a growing demand for recycling systems for conventional material recycling and in-house recycling. 

All-purpose shredder Type 50/200UZ for cables

The efficient recycling of production waste as part of a closed-loop material cycle has become established as an important economic part of the value added chain of modern industrial enterprises. Hosokawa Alpine caters to all parts of the process chain with a versatile range of sustainable solutions.

Recycling systems from one source

We deliver a comprehensive machine range for all pre-crushing, cutting, separating and fractionating, pulping, granulating or volume reduction tasks. Fine-tuned, tried-and-tested and well established, our machine technology guarantees maximum cost-efficiency and user benefits. We also offer one-to-one consultancy, project planning and engineering of customized complete systems for a variety of recycling tasks

  • Injection moulding / blow moulding / thermoforming
  • Extrusion (e. g. profiles/ pipes / sheet)
  • Film (e. g. BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, PE, PVC)
  • Composites (Automotive / roof lining)
  • Natural and synthetic rubber
  • Material recycling (e. g. cables, rubber tires)
  • Special applications (e. g. high-tenacity fibres, millings, old clothes, special paper)

from one source – tailored to your requirements. Many years of experience in this segment has laid the groundwork for our reliable and proven machines, lines and process solutions.

Rotoplex 90/300 Ro cutting mill.
Used for the grinding of plastic films with high output requests

Patented, open cross-scissor cut rotor

Case Study: composite recycling

Composite materials, or composites for short, are used for a wide array of applications, but are particularly widespread in the automotive industry. Re-using materials for production processes involves the separation of individual constituents and their comminution to particle sizes of about 4 – 6 mm. This is a major challenge for conditioning processes – but no problem for Hosokawa Alpine’s recycling concept.

This concept is comprised of a shredder, cutting mill and classifier as basic equipment, which can be combined to suit the requirements of the application. Very stubborn connections, e.g. in fibre composites, can be separated by a specially developed mill, which “unravels” the connection with the help of mechanical abrasion.

The use of Hosokawa Alpine’s MZM zigzag classifier reduces the fibre residue to a minimum, which enhances the quality of the regrind. Specially adapted screens eliminate the occurrence of fibre nests, which may lodge themselves in the three-dimensional mill charge and cause problems during extrusion.

The solution: Combined with an efficient, automated line control, the smart designed Hosokawa Alpine recycling line with state-of-the-art screening technology will run smoothly in a three-shift operation with minimum operation requirements.


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