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picocrush - Hammer Mill

The picocrush is a mechanical hammer mill designed for the dry precrushing of large granules and agglomerates made of soft to mediumhard materials.

  • Principle

    The principle of operation is the same as that of the hammer mill HA product line, whereas the design revolves mainly around elements from the picoplex fine impact mill.

    The feed material is fed to the hammer beater unit from the side and is comminuted as the result of impact against the rotor and stator elements. Once it has passed through the grinding zone, the product enters the mill housing via exchangeable sieves with different types of apertures. The force of gravity combined with the air flow conveys the product to the filter housing, where a filtering element separates it from the air. Installation of a dedusting unit is advisable to ensure better product feed control.

  • Features
    • Continuous operating mode
    • Grinding track with exchangeable sieve
    • Collection bin for the end product
    • Filter element for venting
    • Motor bearing gas-rinsed
    • Rinsing air supply without tubes via the platform adapter



  • Variants
    • Sieves with different opening geometries
    • With dedusting unit for smoother product feed
  • Technical specifications
    Rotordurchmesser:40 mm
    Drehzahl:max. 30.000 1/min
    Aufgabekorngröße:max. 6 mm


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