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Fine Impact Mill Ultraplex UPZ

Versatile size-reduction system with exchangeable grinding elements such as:

  • Beater disc, pin discs, swing beaters and plate beaters, sieves and grinding tracks.
  • End-product fineness in the range 50 µm to approx. 5 mm in accordance with the grinding equipment installed.
  • Generously dimensioned mill door for easy cleaning and exchange of grinding elements.
  • Principle of operation

    Alpine Ultraplex UPZ fine impact mills offer versatility in use combined with simplicity in operation. Because of the wide variety of feed materials, where every comminution task demands its own tailor-made solution, the UPZ mills can be equipped with a variety of easily interchangeable milling elements. Tough-fibrous roots and spices, for example, require completely different milling elements to granulated sugar in order to optimally fulfil the individual requirements, both in technical and economic terms.

    UPZ mills can be equipped as a pin mill without sieve with one rotating and one stationary pin disc. Or as a beater mill with beater disc, swing or plate beater unit for operation with grinding tracks or sieves.

    The overall result is a host of practice-oriented and perfectly coordinated equipment combinations. In short, the UPZ mill can be tailored to match every customer's individual requirements.

  • Features

    UPZ fine impact mills can be equipped with a host of different milling elements, thus fulfilling a great variety of demands on the end product, for example:

    • High fineness with sharp top cut.
    • Production of end products that are low in fines with good flow properties.
    • Production of powders with a high bulk density.
    • Production of powders with a high mass fraction within a defined particle size range.
  • Applications

    Universal in operation for the size reduction of soft materials up to 3 on the Mohs' scale. The fineness is adjusted by selection of the corresponding size reduction elements and as a function of the machine speed, whereby belt pulleys need to be exchanged in the case of the larger machine sizes. Smaller machines are often driven using frequency converters.

    The UPZ is used in many branches of industry for a great variety of different applications. Most applications are to be found in the chemicals industry, foodstuffs and animal feed industry, as well as in the pharmaceuticals industry.

    The mill door can be hinged wide open to provide optimum access for cleaning. The product is fed centrally via the mill door. The machine housing is designed to accommodate all the different grinding elements.

  • Versatility

    The interchangeability of the milling elements is becoming increasingly important for the user. The UPZ offers the right milling element for every job:

    UPZ beater disc unit

    • Beater cams made of wearproof cast steel.
    • Rotating milling ring on housing side, stationary milling ring on door side.
    • Suitable for milling compact, coarse lumps of material in one step to medium fineness.

    UPZ swing beater unit

    • Heavy-duty beaters made of wearproof cast metal.
    • To order, also available with hardfacing.
    • Universal in operation for coarse feed material.
    • For medium end-product fineness values.

    UPZ plate beater unit

    • Powerful, wear-resistant beater plates.
    • High air flow for cool milling of heat-sensitive and greasy materials.
    • Achieves extremely high powder fineness values; comparable with the pin mill.

    UPZ pin disc unit

    • Pin mill with one rotating and one stationary pin disc.
    • Suitable for materials up to a Mohs' hardness of 3, max. 0.1% permissible fraction of abrasive components.
    • Extremely high end-product fineness values.
    • Low energy consumption.
  • Designs
    • Cast housing with standard discharge available up to machine size 1000 UPZ.
    • Welded housing with either standard or tangential discharge in mild steel or stainless steel (e.g. 1.4541, 1.4571, 1.4404) for all machine sizes.
    • Explosion-pressure-shock-proof design for a maximum explosion overpressure of 10 bar (g) with type test as defined in the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC.
    • Application-specific pharma designs, i.e. polished, monobloc, SIP/CIP, isolator integration.
    • Connection flange order-specific.
    • Bearing unit protected against dust by rinsing air (automatic air intake or forced rinsing).
    • Bearing unit with special sealing rings, gas-tight design also possible.
    • Bearing unit permanently lubricated or designed for relubrication.
    • Safety interlock.
    • Optional wear-protection elements.
    • Grinding track ejector optional.


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