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Kompaktors and Roller Presses

With a Kompaktor® through compaction or dry granulation granulous bulk material is created from a powder. The Kompaktor is also called roller press, roller compactor or dry granulator. If it is used for crushing, the Kompaktor is also called high pressure roller mill.

Compacting is understood to be the compression of powder between two synchronised, counter rotating rollers. Here, adhesive forces between the product particles are created under high pressure between the rollers. If the compaction takes place alongside crushing, dry granulation is often spoken of in addition to compaction. If the secondary crushing is waived, it is known as briquetting.

Kompaktoren series MS and CS

With hydraulically supported rollers  for high throughputs and high press fores. 
 Details Kompaktor MS
 Details Kompaktor CS

Pharmapaktors series L, K and C 250

Machines for smaller throughputs for use in the laboratory, made completely from stainless steel.
 Details Pharmapaktor L
 Details Pharmapaktor K
 Details Pharmapaktor C 250



High-Pressure Roller Mill

Lower press forces for medium fine crushing of hard materials and for producing sharp-edged particles.
 Details High-Pressure Roller Mill

Kompaktor HK

A special role is taken by the Kompaktor HK, which is specially conceived for the manufacture of charcoal briquettes.
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