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Flake Crushers, Bexmills, Pre-Crusher and hammer mills

Crushing is understood to be the granulation of soft to medium hard, however brittle materials using Flake Crushers or conical Flake Crushers.

The introduced amount of energy is normally low and corresponds to the force that you can apply through manual crushing. The product is ground between rotor and screen. Through this a defined upper grain boundary is achieved. Typical screen holes are between 0.5 - 10 mm. Using a low amount of energy the end product is non-fine and the crushing is low-noise. Feeding does not necessarily need to be regulated. A machine dust exhaust is not required.

Flake Crushers

With the Flake Crusher brittle, easily broken materials are crushed gently.
 Details Flake Crusher


With the Bexmill soft to medium-hard substances are crushed gently.
 Details Bexmill


With a Pre-Crusher continuous flakes are made into pieces.
 Details Pre-Crusher

Hammer mill Mikro Pulverizer

High-speed hammer mills designed for continuous operation in harsh environments at peripheral speeds of up to 100m/s. 
 Details Mikro Pulverizer


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