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13. February 2019

HOSOKAWA ALPINE optimises its remote service

Reliable measuring data make digital analysis of processes possible independent of the location

With its remote service, HOSOKAWA ALPINE, a leading provider in the fields of process technology and film extrusion, has developed a digital solution to monitor and analyse production processes. When it comes to servicing the HOSOKAWA ALPINE systems, customers save time and thus costs. "It is possible with the remote service to access all relevant measuring data reliably. If required, the recorded data can help to remedy faults, without it being necessary for a HOSOKAWA ALPINE technician to be on site", says Alexander Auer, Operations Director of the After-Sales Service Division of HOSOKAWA ALPINE's process technology business segment.

Data security takes priority
To record the process and machine data necessary for the remote service, a data logger will be installed in the system control panel. These data can be remotely accessed by the BLUESERV remote service. To prevent abuse, customers can decide simply and reliably exactly who has access to these data. Where necessary and assuming corresponding authorisation, HOSOKAWA ALPINE service engineers access the data and evaluate them. They analyse process settings, the system operating mode in the event of quality or capacity problems as well as the machine status.

Practical added value for customers
The remote service brings numerous practical advantages for customers. For example, it sometimes takes hours between changes to the process settings and the actual reaction of the system. With the online monitoring function, necessary service on site can be reduced, leading to less travel and waiting time. Over and above this, the determined data can be used in order to draw conclusions on the basis of past scenarios about future events and to thus prevent irregularities.