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Spices, medicinal herbs, tea and roots

Classification, cutting, fine grinding and cryogenic grinding with maximum preservation of quality.
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Cocoa processing

Classification, alkalisation, crushing, fine grinding, homogenising, lecithinising & agglomeration.
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Animal feed

Grinding and extrusion for individual product properties at maximum throughput rates.
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Artificial sweeteners

Grinding, pulverising.
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Special flours

Technologies for preliminary crushing, shelling, grinding, classifying grain, starch, bran and pulses as well as processes for protein shifting and ß-glucane enrichment.
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Luxury foods

Ultrafine grinding of tobacco and coffee.
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Thickening agents

Cutting, grinding, pulverising and mixing for a whole variety of applications.
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Minerals & Metals


The sophisticated filler
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Hard Minerals

Zircon Sand, Silica, Quarz oder Feldspar
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Technical ceramic

Use ofaluminum oxides, zirconium oxides, silicates and silicon carbides
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Low energy solutions

Trailblazing: the production of large amounts of industrial mineral powders at low energy consumption
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Flame retardants

Minerals as fillers are becoming increasingly important
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Reagenzgläser und farbiges Kunststoffgranulat in Rosa, Hellgrün und Blau

Calcium Carbonat (GCC)

For demanding polymers in masterbatch, breathable film and paint
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Cell culture media

Successfully mastering the challenges of producing an effective nutrient medium
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Safe comminution of highly active pharmaceutical ingredients
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API - Inhaler

Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) from development to production
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Ultrafine powders dedicated to beauty
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Special solutions for recycling

Suitable solutions for complex products
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Film recycling

Process solutions for recycling plastic film
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Cable recycling

Robust and efficient machines and systems for cable recycling – unparalleled yield also with stranded wire cables
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Recycling extruded materials

In-house recycling of sheets, profiles and pipes – manual feeding is now a thing of the past
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Recycling composite materials

Classification and special machines for the disintegration of composites
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Recycling plastic mouldings

Economical comminution of injection mouldings, blow mouldings, thermoformed parts and large-volume articles
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Optimum emission reduction with sodium hydrogen carbonate (NaHCO3) with the classifier mill series Powderplex APP
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Additive Manufacturing Metal

3D printing with metal powders of the extra class
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Additive Manufacturing Polymer

The perfect solution for polymer products for 3D printing
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Powder coating

Grinding powder coatings with classifier mills from the ACM product line
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Crop Protection Agents

as powder, granules or extruded material
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